Playoff Pro is Live and Direct

April 4, 2014

Here’s my typeface Playoff Pro in action on ESPN. It’s the one on the top that says Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters. It was designed in collaboration with Jeremy Mickel.

Boxes + Letters + Words = Meaning

March 4, 2014

Spent the weekend at my alma mater Pratt Institute leading the Boxes + Letters + Words = Meaning workshop. They worked incredibly hard on crafting these delightful letter boxes. Two days of intense work was so. Much. Fun.

Sign Painting for the Youth Bike Summit

February 21, 2014

We had a blast leading the bike activism sign painting workshop as part of the Youth Bike Summit conference at Parsons the New School for Design. This was one of my favorite signs.

Apple Store Talk

January 28, 2014

Thanks so much for all who came to my talk last night at the Apple store organized by ADC Young Guns. It was a blast. Special thanks to Yomar Augusto for coming on stage to talk about our ‘What Would You Change?’ project.

Today is the Day

January 20, 2014

Although, like most Latinos, I have traces of African blood, I don’t consider myself black. Both my Mom and my Dad are of lighter complexion than I am and it takes a keen eye to notice subtle African racial queues in in my family. Still, I was on the receiving end of cultural and sometimes racial prejudice where I went to High School in Hopewell Valley, New Jersey. Most of it came in the form of my name being made fun of. Sometimes, probably because of my name, kids would refer to me as Mexican, which I am not. On rare occasion, I was called the “n” word. While I understood the oppressive power of that word, I was more offended by the fact that I wasn’t given a chance to be friends with those kids than I was by their ignorant inaccuracies.

As an adult, I now see that there were other reasons beyond this cultural ignorance as to why I didn’t connect with many of the kids in my High School. I was shy, angry and I was a loner and that didn’t help my cause. Still, this external alienation, caused me distress. I felt lost. This is why I connected so strongly with the great civil rights leaders.

My High School art teacher, Richard O’Boyle, had me hand-paint a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. for a poster to commemorate his day that was strategically placed in the school’s hallway. I used the photograph that you see above and turned it into a high contrast black and white poster. It’s a technique used by so many poster designers to simplify the tonal subtleties of a photograph to create a simple, iconic graphic statement.

My experiences with racism, paled in comparison to the many horrible experiences African-Americans went through in their 400+ year story. Still, having Martin Luther King Jr. be an example of the possibility of peaceful liberation, under the most dire of circumstances was essential to this confused 15-year-old. His strength and conviction, gave me strength and conviction. His spirituality gave me spirituality. His faith gave me faith. His vision of a life and a society without racism gave me the ability to see my own life free not only from bondages of racism, but more importantly, from the oppression of my own emotional and psychological limitations. Today, I celebrate his legacy.

What Would You Change? (From Wall St. to the Bronx)

November 5, 2013

My friend and collaborator, Yomar Augusto and I submitted a proposal to the Parsons wallpaper competition committee last March for a project called “What Would You Change? I’m so happy to say that yesterday, after many months of work, the wallpaper was installed in the Parsons 2 West 13th Street lobby.

WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? was the question that we asked fifty New Yorkers one Wednesday in March of 2013. The wide variety of answers came from bankers on Wall Street to first generation immigrants in the Bronx. Our goal was to develop a project that blurs the lines between journalism and art, so we recorded these responses with our phone and later used key words and phrases from the interviews as content for the lettering that you see on this wall.

Aesthetically, our decisions were based on the desire to convey the individual and distinct quality of the voices on these interviews. We used a hand-crafted lettering style with a deliberately spontaneous quality, reminiscent of hand-made activist signs and posters.

Playoff Pro in the House

October 11, 2013

Here’s our most recent typeface! Playoff Pro is an updated and expanded version of the original Playoff typeface which was designed exclusively for ESPN to function as a robust, workhorse brand typeface. This new update, finished in May of 2013 is a 36-style font that includes sans, serif and condensed families ranging from extra light to black weights. The typeface was commissioned by ESPN Creative Director Christopher McClure and art directed by ESPN Associate Director of Design, Alex Zartman. It was designed by Pablo Medina and MCKL founder, Jeremy Mickel.

So Much Love, Timelapse

September 24, 2013

Like the mural says, there was so much love from the San Francisco community during the seven days that we were painting the mural. Here’s the time lapse video of the whole process.

So Much Love, SF 2013

August 14, 2013

Thanks to all involved in making this mural a reality. Seven days of being on a ladder is a lot more fun than you might imagine, especially with all of the awesome people who either helped physically, or were there for moral support. If you live in the Mission District of SF, feel free to stop by Osage alley and 25th Street to give it a look in person. Special thanks to Nolan Jones for being a gracious host and helping with such enthusiasm. Also thanks to the good folks at Frisco Tattoo. I love you all. -Pablo.

Prints of my Lettering Paintings

July 22, 2013

I’ve recently made prints of my lettering paintings available for purchase here. They’re high quality digital prints on Arches Velin 100% cotton rag paper. The size is 11″ x 14″ which fits into a standard frame. Thanks to everyone for the purchases so far! -Pablo.